Our services
MediaGlobal offers experienced and comprehensive help for brand owners, retailers and other stakeholders in the media arena. We specialize in cost savings and quality enhancement, and we always take individual needs and expectations into consideration.
Buying of prepress, print and packaging

With a background of over 25 years in executive roles on both customer side and as supplier we are experts in premedia, print and online.
Allow us and to analyze your workflows and your output quality. We will talk with your staff and consult with our global network of experts and specialists. Based on your individual needs we will then set up specific and measurable goals.

  • Workflow analysis
  • Quality development
  • Process optimization
  • Problem solving
  • Cost reduction
  • Business strategies
  • Market research

Educated by IKEA we understand all aspects of the buying process. We will not only procure services at compelling prices, each inquiry will be analysed in terms of potential improvement and alternative solutions.

  • Prepress services for web and print
  • 3D modeling and photorealistic rendering
  • Paper & print
  • Packaging solutions
External project management

Using a proven, successful project leader is an easy way of drastically reducing risk while at the same time giving a project the experience and energy that will be required to achieve its goals. The ability to drive complex projects, whether in agile or traditional form, can mean the difference between success and failure, profit or loss. With our enthusiasm and experience, we can give your project the start and energy it needs.

Specific or time-limited projects with us

  • Workflow and process development
  • Product development
  • Marketing & brand development
  • Color management
  • Prepress and premedia
  • Quality assurance for print and packaging productions